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Safety, Comfort, Easy to Use

The amazing concept

Turn Plus offers easy entry & exit into the front seat of a passenger car, for people with special medical conditions like, arthritis, knee & back issues, etc. Travel to work, airport & recreational activities now made easy in the comfort of your own car with out any compromise on safety.

Minimum Modifications

We maintain original OE Seat with all it functions like reclining, sliding etc Since it is a mechanical device no need to tamper with the vehicle electricals No modifications to vehicle structure.

Safety Un-compromised

Our product is tested as per Indian Automotive Standards for Crash & Seat Belt Anchorages in certified labs. We have also tested it for endurance in both +60 & -40 deg C temperatures


All OE Seat Comforts are maintained as the original OE seat is in use

Simple Interaction Experience

Ergonomically placed release handle
Foot rest to avoid dangling of the feet 90 Deg rotation of the seat along with sliding which allows almost 50% of the seat to come outside the vehicle



The core technology lies in the simplicity of the design. The product is such designed that it address factors like Safety, Comfort & Ergonomics. With very little modification to the vehicle & use of original OE seat it maintains all vehicle style features. The product is maintenance free and also allows all regular seat functions irrespective of the passenger category.

Latest News

All the Latest News and Updates of our Products

Making cars accessible for the disabled

The seat is removed, the mechanism is installed, and the seat is put back. So there is no modification made in the car’s structure or core functioning, except that it is now disabled-friendly.

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ELEVATE 100, an initiative of the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka aims to provide a comprehensive entrepreneurship platform for startups.

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